*Age ranges are estimated and not definitive.

Club Jr.

Ages Served: 10-14

This group is designed to offer a supportive environment where participants can practice social skills. Age-appropriate activities are used to support the development of friendships and to build interests in different leisure activities.

Creative Expressions

This group is co-facilitated by our Figgy's Art Studio affiliate. Through individual and group art projects, participants learn more about social expectations, effective peer interactions and functional skills for group participation. A variety of mediums are explored in an effort to discover each artist's unique style.

Curtain Call

Our “Curtain Call” social group uses theater as a medium to promote expressive communication, regulation of emotions, and social interactions. Co-facilitated by a teaching artist from the Trinity Repertory Company and a licensed clinician, the program incorporates individual objectives for each participant and ASD-specific strategies to help adolescents and teens learn, communicate, and build self esteem.

Game On! Basketball

Players of all abilities will engage in activities teaching the fundamental skills of basketball. Activities and drills target emotional regulation, communication, following game rules, and team work. Participants also work on coordination, core strength, balance, and endurance.

Game On! Karate

Participants will learn non-violent Shotokan Karate Do moves in a visually structured format. Sessions will focus on self-regulation tools and therapeutic recreation through martial arts.

NEW! Game On! Dance

Join in with a group to learn some new dance steps and movement to build skills both in dance as well as communication, regulation and perhaps a new leisure skill!

In Harmony: Music Makers & Sing Together

Music, which activates a different part of the brain than speech, has been demonstrated to be an effective channel for addressing some of the core deficits of autism, including expressive communication and self-regulation capacity. This group is co-facilitated with the RI Philharmonic Music School.

Leaps & Bounds

This group incorporates movement, role play, and hands-on activities to enhance learning experiences. Basic social concepts are introduced. Group goals focus on improving self regulation, conversational skills and the ability to recognize and express emotions.

Move & Groove

In collaboration with an Adaptive Physical Educator, a selection of outdoor and indoor sports are adapted to meet participants' individual learning needs. This highly structured group utilizes motivating activities to increase joint attention and positive peer relations. Visual supports, environmental structure, movement, and creative curriculum enhance participation and understanding.

Skills for Life

This group focuses on specific activities to build important life skills such as cooking and preparing meals, shopping, managing money, doing daily chores, and more. Independence skills are the focus of this program, and they are developed in a highly structured and supportive setting.

The Club

The Club is a safe hang out for teens and young adults to build friendships through participation in leisure activities and community trips. Participants can practice the social communication skills required to foster friendships as well as the appropriate social rules for effective interactions.

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