Join The Autism Project Family

Collaboration made The Autism Project possible, and we could not realize our mission without the collaboration and support of the individuals, family members, professionals, and community members who have shaped TAP's history and will shape our future. We call ourselves a family because we rely on each other to thrive; because we go further together than alone.

We are so grateful to each person who chooses to be a part of The Autism Project, and we highly value every unique contribution. Your decision to donate your time or money, to participate in TAP- or community-sponsored events, or to work alongside us has a ripple effect. Getting involved at TAP impacts:

  • Individuals with ASD who find community, growth, and fun in our social groups and summer camp, and who are supported in their homes, classrooms, and communities.
  • Families of children who are at risk for or who have been diagnosed with ASD, who are able to reach out to TAP for support, information, and guidance so they don't need to journey alone.
  • Professionals who seek training and education that supports them in better supporting children with ASD, developmental disabilities, and/or social-emotional challenges in their daily lives.
  • Community Members who are looking for information about ASD, social-emotional challenges, and related interventions and treatments so they can create safer, more inclusive community spaces.

Talk to us about volunteering, assembling a team for our annual Imagine Walk & Family Fun Day, coming to our next event, or making a one-time donation.

Call: 1-401-785-2666