NEW! Hybrid Social Skills Groups at TAP

TAP Social Skills Groups will now be offered in a Hybrid Model. It is our goal to still meet the needs of our community in a way that is comfortable and safe for all. This means we need to practice what we preach and be flexible!

We are confident this model will be well received and very beneficial to participants based on our experience this spring and summer with the groups we could offer 100% virtually.

Using a hybrid model where groups are accessed both in-person and online offers choice to families and staff. Participants will be placed in a group based on preference, availability and fit with other members. Size will vary for each group as we follow the State guidelines for group sizes, social distancing, sanitizing protocols and regulations.

Groups continue to be led by speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, mental health practitioners, and other professionals, and are supported by educators and support staff trained in best practices for children with ASD.

We believe that participants will learn through their positive experiences, and we provide a safe environment to encourage active participation and practice social skills. Supports we provide to promote success and independence include:

  • Built-in physical structure
  • Schedules
  • Visuals to promote positive communication
  • Visuals to enhance social participation
  • Incorporated interests and themes
  • Working in and respecting Autism Time and Autism Thinking
  • Giving choices

We offer a variety of program options that appeal to a range of interests, ability levels and age groups.

Competencies cultivated through our groups include:

  • Positive peer relations, reciprocal play, and engaging in shared experiences
  • Functional skills in sporting activities, coordination and teamwork
  • Problem-solving
  • Life skills and independence
  • Social judgment
  • Body regulation
  • Understanding and expressing your emotions
  • Building self-esteem

Teaching participants social skills is an area of treatment that is continuously evolving. At The Autism Project, we offer group-based social skills programs designed to strengthen the communication skills and social interaction abilities of children, teens, and young adults.

Social Group Plans for Each Child

A licensed clinician identifies individualized objectives for each child participating, develops specialized strategies to target specific communication, emotional regulation, engagement, and social interaction behaviors during group activities, and rates the child’s progress on each objective weekly.

Goals and the child’s achievements are assessed weekly and interventions are evaluated and adjusted to continue to support the child’s progress. Individual Progress Reports are provided at the end of the program to offer insight into your child’s progress. These reports can be a helpful tool when discussing a students’ strengths and needs during school IEP meetings.

Social Skills Groups Enrollment for 2021-2022 is now open. Download the Social Skills Groups application:

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