Training & Workshops with The Autism Project

Providing training and workshops enables The Autism Project to carry out our mission. They are based on innovative and emerging theories, interventions, and approaches, and provide parents and professionals the opportunity to gain knowledge that helps them better support the children they parent, care for, or work with and the community surrounding those children.

We offer a range of training opportunities, educational events, and multi-week series for both parents and professionals. Our Family Support and Training & Consulting teams provide training at our Johnston office, on-site in schools and organizations, and via online webinars.

Sample Trainings & Workshops

The following are examples of trainings and workshops delivered by our Training & Consulting team. Sessions and series for professionals provide contact hours and offer professional development credits. Please note that this list is not exhaustive - we have developed many other trainings that are not included here.

If you are interested in booking any of the below, viewing a more complete list of sessions and series, or requesting a customized training for your school, program, or organization, please reach out to Deb Langevin, Training & Consultation Coordinator, at

For Professionals

Facilitated Conscious Discipline® Book Study

A 10-session introduction to the core methodology of Conscious Discipline®, a leader in brain-based, social-emotional learning that is proven to build resilience in children, families, educators, and schools.

This series is designed for teachers and related school/center/program-based staff who will be leaders in the implementation of CD.

Building a Positive School Culture

Professionals demonstrate a code of conduct and value system through daily interactions. When the classroom is running smoothly, professionals easily model a positive conflict resolution approach. However, when challenges arise and the environment is stressful, what happens? In this training, The Autism Project shares an approach to help professionals to become conscious of their behavioral patterns, so they can teach students how to learn and listen to their internal guidance system.

This series is designed for teacher assistants, child care providers, and related school/ center/program-based staff who work to support children and lead teachers across the day.

Where Do I Start? (English or Spanish)

The goal of healthy relationships is to balance the need to be an independent self (the sense of “I”) and the need to be connected (the sense of “We”). A secure student feels comfortable with both. This training teaches about how our attachment history can unconsciously impact current relationships and how structures, rituals, and routines created in a School Family (a Conscious Discipline© concept) create a model for building positive school culture.

For Parents & Caregivers

Parent to Parent

Parent to Parent is a good place to start for any parent, grandparent, caregiver, or family member who is starting their learning journey about ASD and how it impacts their child/children. It is a 5-week training program that provides a deeper understanding of the diagnosis and teaches evidence-based strategies that work at home, at school, and in the community. The Autism Project runs Parent to Parent twice per year in English and Spanish.

For more information about Parent to Parent, reach out to Sue Jewel,

Toilet Training

Toilet training is challenging for most parents and caregivers. This 2-hour training discusses why toilet training a child with ASD can be especially challenging, and provides strategies and tools to begin the process. Though this training was originally designed for parents, many professionals have taken Toilet Training and used the strategies presented.

Creating the Connections*

The Autism Project is invested in increasing parents' and caregivers' knowledge about developmental milestones so that developmental concerns are readily identified and addressed as soon as possible. We know that the sooner a child with developmental delays is referred to appropriate services, the better his/her/their opportunity for improved long-term outcomes (whether eventually diagnosed with ASD or not!).

This two-hour training developed with support from HRSA provides parents and caregivers with information about and tools to engage in developmental tracking, resources for parents and caregivers with concerns about their children's development, and a brief overview of the early signs of ASD and other developmental disabilities.

*Creating the Connections has been adapted and delivered to over 2,000 frontline professionals since 2016. The training was a resource developed by The Autism Project's HRSA-funded, 3-year project of the same name.

For Everyone

A Starting Point

The Autism Project's nine-week training series for professionals, parents, and caregivers focused on teaching and raising children with ASD. The series is presented by both a parent of a child with autism and a professional. Session topics include: an overview of ASD (Autism Thinking©), Visual Structure, Communication, Sensory Integration, Emotional Regulation, and Positive Behavior Supports.


A five-week training series designed for professionals, parents, and caregivers working with, caring for, or raising autistic people previously diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome (under the DSM-IV). The program helps to teach participants about the unique characteristics and learning styles of persons with this disorder and the best practices identified that are most effective in addressing their needs.

Autism Thinking©

It is important for parents, professionals and, community members to understand what autism spectrum disorder is, and more importantly, how an individual’s autism impacts him/her/them across the day. This training presents the core deficits of autism and challenges participants to think of their students or family member as an individual in order to see, often for the very first time, how autism impacts his/her/their life. This knowledge enables parents and professionals to look at behavior differently and to gain insights to teach to the individual’s needs and skill deficits.

Other Options

The Training & Consulting team is uniquely poised to create customized trainings. Our coaches and modelers are trained in an array of eclectic teaching models, strategies, and interventions and represent professional training in several fields, including Education, Special Education, Occupational Therapy, Speech-Language, and Social Work, to name a few.

To inquire about customized options, please reach out to Deb Langevin, Training & Consultation Coordinator, at