Why Volunteer At The Autism Project

TAP is committed to supporting the development of the next generation of professionals working with individuals with ASD. Our Intern and Volunteer Programs support both college and high school students in their efforts to learn about careers in education, special education, occupational therapy, speech and language, physical therapy, human services and so many more paths to working to support individuals.

We offer two Internship tracks: we are open to volunteers all year long and offer a shortened summer internship at our Camp WANNAGOAGAIN! There are many experiences for volunteers and interns, including working in social skills groups, summer camp, parent and professional training, support groups, fundraising, public relations and administrative responsibilities.

Internship Opportunities

TAP internships are unpaid but candidates must be getting credit from their accredited College or University.

Interns who are on a clinical or human service track (Master Program for Social Workers or Human Development) benefit from working in our social skills program, family navigation and summer camp. Interns work directly with children, teens and family members or caregivers in our programs and are supervised by staff. For more information please email Catherine Young at catherine.young@lifespan.org.

Non-clinical internships provide opportunity to work within our Development Office working on events, volunteer management, social media and fundraising. For more information please email our Development Associate, Mackenzie Pheland mpheland@lifespan.org.

Volunteer Opportunities

There are multiple ways to support TAP through volunteering.

General Office

Day-to-day operations at TAP are supported by people interested in office work, reception, data entry, creation of visual supports, and many other tasks and activities.


TAP hosts or participates in events that require many volunteers each year including our largest fundraising event the Imagine Walk and Family Fun Day. Each one requires 100 volunteers and participants can receive credit for community service hours.

Peer Mentor Program

High school students can be a peer mentor in our social skill groups. Each year students participate in our programs to model conversation skills, social activities, and to provide support to peers for them to engage in an activity and experience greater social success with their peers.


There are three ways to volunteer at camp dependent upon your age.


We are supporters of unified activities for all and are now accepting 14 to 18-year-old students who want to volunteer as a peer model camper at our summer camp. As a peer model camper, you attend camp and work in a group to support campers across the day. All peer model campers attend training prior to camp and are supported by the group leads.

Over 19 years old Volunteers

Adult volunteers work as 1:1 support, van drivers, general support staff or bring a special talent to share at camp.

Camp Internship

We are offering Internships for students enrolled in an accredited college or university. Interns must be 19 years of age. The internship is for 3 weeks including 2 full weeks at our summer camp. Interns will complete training and provide support to the camp directors and team the week prior to camp. During camp interns work as 1:1 support for campers.

Volunteer Forms

Complete the application you are interested in and mail, email, or drop it off at our main office. You will be contacted for an interview and additional requirements after we receive your application.