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Our mission is to provide autistic individuals with a space to moderate discussions, share, and write about the autistic community.

Liam's Journey: Overcoming Autism Challenges

This is the story of Liam, a young boy with autism, and how he triumphed with the help of early intervention, persistence, and a strong support system. As a family support specialist at The Autism Project, I witnessed the positive changes in Liam and wanted to share his story to show how acceptance, understanding, and acting early can make a difference for those with autism.

Early Worries and Challenges

I first met Liam when he was only two and a half years old. He did not talk much, and he was overly attached to his mom as well as great-grandmother. The worry of autism came into question, so we scheduled an appointment with the CNDC, but unfortunately there was a long wait. Liam's family was concerned about several things such as his speech, how much he liked numbers and letters, and his lack of interest in other individuals.

Working Together and Making Progress

Since resources were limited, I stepped in to help. I began to use the CDC’s Milestone booklets and apps to assist his mom to track Liam's development. Consistency is key, so I showed his family activities they can do at home and stressed the importance of early intervention practices. I also recommended comprehensive evaluations, like Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, and a hearing test, to prepare for the CNDC assessment.

Weekly sessions with therapists and following milestones at our library meetups helped Liam with his separation anxiety. Despite initial challenges, he successfully moved from Early Intervention to the Woonsocket Education Department.

Overcoming Transitions

After his highly anticipated evaluation, Liam began to attend preschool for forty-five minutes each week. With speech, occupational therapy, and school support, Liam faced challenges but triumphed over them. He went from constantly crying to vibrantly smiling as he confidently adapted to his school routine.

Achieving Milestones

From when I first interacted with him years ago, Liam has come a long way. He now talks, asks for help, and plays with other kids in the program. He can name things and express his feeling which is a big change from the meltdowns he used to have. Liam's ability to share and communicate is a sign of his tremendous progress.

A Remarkable Change

In our last meeting, Liam proudly shared the stuffed animals that were given to him. He said, "Liam did good sharing." This newfound ability to share and express himself shows just how much he has grown in the past year and a half. Liam's family has also educated themselves about autism, creating a more supportive environment for him.

Hope and Inspiration

Liam's success story gives hope and shows the true impact of early intervention, teamwork, and strong support from family as well as professionals. Celebrating Liam's success also reminds us of the importance of raising awareness for a more inclusive world. By working together to understand autism, we can empower and uplift others on similar journeys.

Gianna Cambria

Marketing & Communication Officer

Liam loves to share!