How To Order

Support the The Autism project by ordering your license plate today!

If you have an 01 (passenger) car registered in Rhode Island, you are eligible. All of the money raised will support organizations throughout Rhode Island.

The cost is $42.50. Of that $42.50, $22.50 goes to the state's general fund, and $20 goes to The Autism Project. Every year when you renew your license plate, there will be a $10 fee, all of which will benefit the Foundation and Rhode Island organizations. Help support Rhode Island communities by ordering your Autism Awareness license plate today!

  1. The Autism Awareness License Plate is a wonderful way to show your support.
  2. There is a one-time fee of $42.50. $21.50 for plate production and $20.00 is donated toThe Autism Project to support parents, families, and individuals with Autism.
  3. The $20.00 is also tax deductible to the fullest extent of the IRS code.The Autism Awareness plate allows you to keep your current license plate up to 6 digits.
    It is not available for commercial vehicles. Existing vanity plates 6 digits or less are OK.
  4. Rhode Island Law requires that a total of 600 license plates must be ordered before the
    production will begin.
  5. The plate is easy to order. Complete the order form and mail it with payment of $42.50
    (by check-Payable to The Autism Project, or credit card—see below) and a legible copy of your registration (cannot process without this) to: The Autism Project 1516 Atwood Avenue Johnston, RI 02919 or email to

The Autism Project will need to initially collect 600 plates before the plate can be manufactured.

All information, including your donation, we be collected and put into an escrow account until that 600 number is met.

You will be notified when that number is met and when to expect your plate.

As of May 1, 2023 we have just over 275 collected to date.